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Please read all instructions BEFORE preparing your items

FIRST: PRINT this Merchandise Prep Sheet
SECOND: Read instructions below & watch tagging videos
LAST: Attend a New Consignor Workshop!

Now you're ready to TAG like a PRO!


1. You must tag all items using our online tagging and barcoding system. To access the tagging site, login to your JBF Profile and click the "Enter Tags" link in the green taskbar. There is a video tutorial on that site to get you started!

2. To be fair to all, only one person may tag under the same consignor number.

3. If you want to donate your unsold items to our charity at the end of the sale, choose the donate option when tagging. You will receive a tax receipt enclosed with your check. Any items not picked up during consignor pick up will also be donated.
*Your Generosity Rewarded:  The items donated to charity are a huge blessing!  To encourage more donations, we will be waiving the $12 consignor fee for those consignors who will reduce and donate ALL items they bring to the sale.  All tags in the system will need to be reduced and marked "donate" to have the fee waived and added back into your check.

4. Consignors are responsible to know you are not bringing recalled items to the sale. Check out our safety page for more details on the most common recalls. We do have a recall specialist at the sale for backup, but do your best BEFORE you come.

5. You set your own price on all items. Price to sell!
Generally items sell for 1/4-1/3 of the original price, depending on name brand and condition. Better brand names, unique items, or high price items usually bring more. Ask yourself "What would I pay for this item? Please use $.50 price increments only (i.e.; $5.00 or $5.50 rather than $5.99). An average price for shirts is $3-$6 and an average price for shorts/pants is $3-$8.You set your own price on all items. Our best advice is to price your items 1/2 to 1/4 of the original retail price, and do allow them to reduce during the sale. Click here for general  JBF pricing guidelines.

6. If you decide to NOT let your item go for half price, it will print a red star on the tag. This tells the customer that the item will remain Full Price throughout the sale. Please be selective on the items that you star, since items with no stars tend to sell better on the discount days. If you are donating your items at the end of the sale anyways, please do not choose for your item to remain full price as this gives you the best chance of selling it.

7. Safety pins: Please use 1" or larger safety pins: no straight pins or small gold ones.
Tip! Buy the large 2" size and save your fingers- you'll need big ones to pin on the pants.
Tip! At our New consignor workshops we sell bags of 200 Large safety pins for $4 and tagging gun kits for $20.

8. Tag Location: Attach tag with a safety pin to the upper right pocket area of the shirt or upper right front of pants. Punch a hole at the top of the tag to make it easier to slide the safety pin through. *If you use a tagging gun please insert the gun in the items tag/label or directly inside a seam NOT through part of the clothing (to avoid making a hole or tear in the clothing). We will NOT accept clothing with holes from tagging barbs. Pull on the tag to make sure it is properly secured and will not come off easily.

9. Hangers: Please use ONLY plastic hangers. Sorry, you will not get your hangers back as it is faster to sell all the items on hangers. Wire hangers poke through our bags easily at checkout and they also tangle easily during our sorting process at the end, that is why we require plastic only. Please use child size hangers for infant-size 6 and adult size for sizes 7 and up. Remember to safety pin garments to the top part of the hanger if it seems loose so the garment will not slide off, or it won't sell!

10. Sizes: We accept clothing in Preemie through Teen sizes, no adult clothing except maternity. Remember to bring only your BEST and check carefully for any stains, rips, holes etc.

11. Clothing Hanging Instructions:

  • To prevent items from falling off the hangers, please use appropriate sized hangers (or extra safety pins to attach the clothing to the hanger). Child size hangers for the infant-size 6 and adult size hangers for size 7 and up.
  • All garments should be hung with the hanger hook pointing left (hanger should resemble a question (?) mark when looking at the front of item).
  • All onesies/pajamas are also hung on hangers. You can pair up to 5 onesies for a set.
  • See specifics for what clothing we accept each season HERE
  • Write good descriptions on your tags so if an item becomes separated from the tag, we can easily match it back up. Ex: "red gymboree shirt with ice cream cone" is better than "red shirt"!
  • Hanging Pants: Pin the pants to the TOP ANGLED PART of the hanger, not the bottom straight edge. This prevents them sliding top the side of the hanger during shopping. You will need LARGE safety pins to attach your pants (and save your fingers!)
  • There is a $3 minimum for all hanging clothing. If an item does not meet this standard, pair it up to make a set worth at least $3. See hanging instructions for sets below.
  • Hanging Clothing Sets:
    Shirt & shirt set: Hang the first shirt, then safety pin the second shirt to the back side, going through the top angled part of the hanger. Pin them back to back. You can also use two hangers and secure them with a rubber band or tape on the top edge to keep them together.
    Shirt & Pants/shorts set: Hang the shirt first. Pin the pants to the back side, pinning through the top angled part of the hanger, not hanging them from the bottom of the shirt or it will stretch and possible rip the shirt.
    Pants & Pants set: Hold the pants back to back and slip the hanger in between. With a LARGE safety pin, pin through both pairs of pants and the top angled part of the hanger so both pieces can be viewed without unpinning them.
    Mulitiple onesies set: You can pair up to 5 onesies for a set. Hang one of the onesies on a child size hanger. Arrange the other pieces in a pile and use a LARGE safety pin to pin them to the back of the hanging onesie, going through the top angled part of the hanger. Shoppers can essily "flip" through the onesies when shopping versus them being stuck in a ziploc bag.

12. Tagging Guns: Many consignors prefer to use a tagging gun to tag their clothing as it saves time and your fingetips from so many extra pins! We offer a tagging gun kit for sale through our ebay store that includes a tagging gun, 1000 barbs, 1 extra needle, 25 sheets of cardstock and an instruction sheet. Purchase the kit HERE.
IMPORTANT! When using a tagging gun, tag ONLY in the seam of the clothing or through the clothing size tag (NOT in the upper right corner of garment as otherwise instructed), so you don't put a hole in the clothes. To ensure tags stay put, some consignors put a small piece of scotch tape over the tag/barg area. Be sure to follow this tagging gun guideline as we will not accept clothes that have a hole caused by the tagging gun.

13. Sort your items: Please have your clothes sorted by size and gender when you bring them. This will make drop off easier and faster for you.

14. Tagging toys and baby equipment with multiple items:

  • BRING THESE TAGS UNATTACHED TO DROPOFF and we will staple tag to a Yellow Claim Ticket during inspection and attach that ticket to the item with a zip tie.
  • For items with multiples pieces, make a tag for each piece. The first tag will be your normal barcode tag with all of the necessary information but also write "1 of X", (X is the number of pieces). Write this "1 of X" directly onto the tag below the barcode.
  • For all other pieces of the set, use cardstock or index card to write your consignor number, the description, and "2 of X", "3 or X" etc. Put the barcode & price on the first tag ONLY. Please do not put the price on any other tags.
  • Only use multiple tags for items that belong together and may become separated. Do not use multiple tags for clothing items.
  • Examples of multiple sets: a table and 4 kid chairs, a little tikes playset with 3 pieces, a carseat with an extra base, a stroller with a car seat.

15. Furniture: We accept all kinds of children's and juvenile furniture including stationary sided cribs, toddler beds, twin headboards, dressers, changing tables, toy boxes, rocking chairs, etc. We take Crib/toddler mattresses but not not twin. To keep our reputation of 'only the best', JBF asks that you be very selective about the quality of furniture you bring. All furniture must be intact and sturdy, be current style/color and be child appropriate. If you have questions about a furniture item, email us a picture! BRING FURNITURE TAGS UNATTACHED TO DROPOFF and we will staple tag to a Yellow Claim Ticket during inspection and attach that ticket to the item with a zip tie.

16. Loose Items: Items such as blankets, bibs, cloth diapers, bottles, small toys, bows, socks, etc. must be in clear Ziploc bags with the tag attached to the outside of the bag.

  • Diaper Bags, Snugglis and Slings sell better if they are hung on a hanger. Be sure to put a safety pin or zip tie on them so they don't fall off the hanger.
  • For items like sippy cups & small toys, use clear packing tape for securing the bags closed. This prevents 'little' hands from reaching in.
  • For items like bibs & cloth diapers, please do NOT tape them shut as we may go through them at inspection.

17. MATERNITY ITEMS: Maternity items must be current style and in excellent condition. Please do not bring out-dated maternity clothes as they will not sell.

  • Please secure the tops with safety pins if they have a tendency to fall off the hanger.
  • Breastfeeding tops are accepted with maternity clothing.
  • Other Maternity Items accepted: belly bands, nursing bras, pragnancy pillows. We NO LONGER take breast pumps.
  • We take spring/summer items at the spring sale and fall/winter items at the fall sale. We WILL take swimwear, formal wear and "corporate wear" at both sales.

18. Shoes: Please be aware of our goal....to be the BEST in the consignment business. We accept new and like new shoes and are very picky on their condition. We have a shoe inspector who only inspects shoes for us so we are consistent throughout the sale on what we take.

  • Shoes that appear too worn, with scuffed toes, scratches, dirt or mud will not be accepted.
  • A little time cleaning means money in your pocket! A magic sponge works wonders on scuffs and crocs can go through your dishwasher!
  • Shoes must be tied in pairs with shoelaces or use ribbon, string, curling ribbon or zip ties to attach your shoes together.
  • Please do NOT put them in ziploc bags or bring them in shoe boxes as they aren't seen and do not selll as well.
  • Remember to add the shoe size to your tag!

Spring Summer Sale we take:
Girls: white and off white dress shoes, like new sandals & flip flops, tennis shoes, crocs, puddle boots, dance & tap shoes, soccer cleats. (No patent or black/brown dress shoes in summer)
Boys: Brown or black dress shoes, tennis shoes, crocs, like new sandals/flip flops, puddle boots.
Fall/Winter Sale we take:
Girls: Brown/black/patent dress shoes, tennis shoes, crocs, slippers, winter boots, dance/tap shoes
Boys: Brown or black dress shoes, tennis shoes, crocs, winter boots, sports cleats.

19. TOYS: Toys must be clean and in working order. Please check them before you come! We will check all toys at inspection and ask you to turn them on for us.

  • Batteries must be included (you can get batteries inexpensively at the Dollar Store)
  • Must be CLEAN and include ALL pieces!
  • Small parts should be bagged and taped to the main part very securely. Use packing tape. If parts get separated, it will not sell. When taping on extra items, be careful not to tape over paper stickers or labels that may rip off when they remove the tape!
  • Games and puzzles should have ALL pieces and be tied or taped closed (YES, that means to actually count the puzzle pieces or DO the puzzle, and count the game pieces to be sure they are there! We're counting on you to bring games /puzzles our customers will be satisfied with!
  • Did we say all toys must be CLEAN and have ALL pieces? Good!

20. Large toys and outdoor equipment: Large toys and outdoor play equipment must be clean, free of dirt and or water. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work well on these items! Must include ALL pieces. Name brands sell well. Must be assembled at the sale. BRING TAGS UNATTACHED TO DROPOFF and we will staple tag to a Yellow Claim Ticket during inspection and attach that ticket to the item.

21. Infant Equipment: Infant equipment includes: Car seats, strollers, high chairs, swings, exersaucers, bouncy seats, boppies, play gyms, pack and plays, bassinets and MORE!

  • BRING TAGS UNATTACHED TO DROPOFF and we will staple tag to a Yellow Claim Ticket during inspection and attach that ticket to the item with a zip tie.
  • Make sure they are CLEAN and have working batteries.
  • Must include ALL pieces for snap on toys on exersaucers and swings
  • You will be asked to assemble all baby equipment as it sells better when customers can see it. This includes cribs, pack & plays, swings, etc. Exception: Brand new in box.
  • No drop sided cribs are accepted per CPSC recalls. See safety page for more details.
  • Car seats cannot be older than 5 years old and must have owner’s manual. See safety page for details and to doenload our car seat waiver and make sure it is acceptable.

22. Breast Pumps: Sorry, We NO LONGER take Breast Pumps at our sales.

Print a handy Merchandise prep Tip Sheet
Coon Rapids Consignor Info- Spring14
JBF Pricing Guidelines
Still have Merchandise prep questions? Email us


Tagging Help Section

Handy Prep Tips:

It’s amazing what you can clean with a Magic Eraser! Works on shoes, toys, dirty easels, outdoor toys and so much more!

Crocs can go in the dishwasher to get sparkling clean!

Hate to iron? Downy Wrinkle Releaser will be your new best friend! Spritz it on, shake the garment and Voila!

Lots of parts & pieces? Use a ziploc bag and attach together with curling ribbon or a zip tie!

Found a spot? Keep a Tide stain pen handy!

Safety First!

Consignors are responsibility to make sure they are not bringing recalled items to the sale. See SAFETY PAGE for more info.

We do have a Recall Specialist at the sale to help ensure only safe items are being sold, so consider her your safety "back up."